Link and Navi at some con. THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER.

“Hey Link!”


“Hey Link!”


“Hey Link!”


“Watch out!”

“Omg, nothing’s there, Navi.”

i didnt want to reblog this but then i heard her voice

If you’re having a bad day just watch this.

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I’m such a nice sister.. Took my sister’s car to get washed and detailed while she’s off to go back to school.

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This is glorious and even though it doesn’t fit in the range of all the paranormal, creepy and science I usually post, I MUST share

It works like this: You tell Kitestring that you’re in a dangerous place or situation, and give it a time frame of when to check in on you. If you don’t reply back when it checks your status, it’ll alert your emergency contacts with a custom message you set up.

It doesn’t require you to touch anything (like bSafe) or shake your phone (like Nirbhaya) to send the distress signal. Kitestring is smarter, because it doesn’t need an action to alert people, it needs inaction.


Matthew McConaughey is rocking a fanny.

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"White Bird in Blizzard" New Trailer

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White Bird In A Blizzard Trailer

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Late for my appointment again.. But I was hungry and I might have flirted with the guy at McDonalds.. But I gave a homeless man my extra set of hot cakes does that balance out? I think so.

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